Masturbation can fix erectile dysfunction? This is 8 myth About Masturbation

According to the Kinsey Institute’s 2009 National Survey of Sexual Health Behavior, some 90 percent of men have masturbated by the time they turn 30. And while the act is commonplace, so are misconceptions about health concerns and benefits. Here, with help from health professionals, listed by Taylor Kubota:

Touching yourself is bad for your genitals

Masturbation can be vigorous and seem a little violent but it’s very unlikely that it’ll do any real damage. So long as a man hasn’t had any recent surgeries such as a circumcision, masturbation should be totally safe, says Dr. Ira D. Sharlip, clinical professor of urology at UCSF. It is technically possible to fracture the penis due to aggressive masturbation (and other types of sex) but this injury is rare.