Health Facts Behind Toilet Seat

Apart from modern symbol, it turns out the toilet seat was not better than the squat toilet. Why is that? Here is the full facts.

Diverse Bacteria Infecting
While on the toilet seat, inevitably part of the skin of the thigh and buttocks touching the toilet. Not to mention the toilet seat is a public toilet, of course, be more easily transmit bacteria in the body. Member States microbiology, Abigail Salyers, PhD, said toilet seat is greater potential of spreading the bacteria Streptococcus and Staphylococcus to the body.

Distance toilet and anus hole closer to the seating position, so splashing water borne toilets easier to get into the anus. When you get into the body, Abigail explains the bacteria can cause diarrhea and a variety of digestive disorders. While the squat toilet, anus higher position and not to make a splash sign toilet water that contains bacteria get into the anus.

Causing defecation No Maximum
Position urinate in the toilet is not limited to gayaan style. Further, the current position of the exhaust air could actually have an effect on health. While defecating in the seat, not the dirt can not be wasted to the fullest. According to Judy Daly, PhD, professor of clinical pathology from the University of Utah, in a seated position the muscles around the anus can not push dirt in the intestines out. On the contrary, in fact sitting position can cause muscles to contract and make the process of excretion is not running optimally.

While in a squatting position, the abdominal muscles are easier to contract. Through this strong contraction, the energy to push higher up to make the process of defecation tends to be faster than in a sitting position. Further, Dr. Philip Tierno, director of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University Medical Center, said the process of defecation fast can minimize the risk of urinary tract infection and ambient.

Instead of sitting too long during defecation, can reduce blood vessels, causing blood flow from the bottom up is inhibited. This is why the process of defecation by using the toliet seat also lasts longer. In the end, you alone will decide to use a toilet seat or not?


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