8 Simple Drink Swaps to Cut Down on Sugar

A single beverage can easily pack more sugar than a typical serving of candy, cookies or ice cream and exceed the AHA’s daily advised limit. To cut back without sacrificing fancy coffee drinks, cocktails and the like, put these 10 simple swaps into action.

1. Icy Frap

A 16-ounce iced chocolate-chip frap topped with whipped cream from a popular coffee shop contains about 50 grams of sugar and 420 calories. This icy frap is a sugar bomb; based on calories alone, it looks more like a meal. To make your own creamy but low-sugar concoction, try whipping together a cold-brewed coffee drink with coconut milk and dark chocolate and coconut whipped topping instead. You’ll save about 225 calories and more than 46 grams of sugar!