5 Things You need to Be Aware of Snoring Habit

It’s not clear how heavy snoring and breathing trouble could bring on cognitive decline. But the study’s authors say research has linked daytime sleepiness to thinking and memory difficulties. It’s possible breathing disturbances mess with sleep in ways that speed the development of common age-related brain concerns.

Here are 5 things You need to Be Aware of a serious snoring habit.


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Research from Henry Ford Health System in Detroit found a connection between heavy snoring and arterial damage, a major risk factor for stroke and heart attack.

While it’s likely that arterial damage leads to snoring, the researchers say it may work the other way around. That is, heavy snoring could actually cause inflammation and damage to your arteries.


The kind of snuffing and snorting that’s heavy enough to disturb your sleep could also contribute to weight gain, shows a study from the University of Chicago. Sleeping poorly agitates two of your body’s hormones—leptin and ghrelin—that help control your appetite and food cravings, the study authors say.

Very heavy snoring is often associated with poor sleep quality and the kinds of metabolic issues tied to obesity, finds another study from Brazil.


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