12 Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Many of us live in fear of it and know that just one more drink could be the difference between a slight hangover in the morning and a full-on existential, angst-ridden hangover. In this way, we know exactly how alcohol is affecting our body. We also know that alcohol can make us light-headed, cause us to pee more, and make us tired the next day. As far as a lot of us are concerned, that’s about it.

But alcohol affects every single part of your body, from your belly to your head. Let’s take a look at what really happens when you drink the “nectar of the gods.”

Central Nervous System

The most noticeable effect alcohol has on our bodies is the way it affects our central nervous system. It can make it hard for us to talk so that we slur our speech, and it can affect our balance, so that walking becomes an unmitigated disaster.

If you drink too much, your memory becomes impaired so that you experience blackouts. Damage to your central nervous system can even cause pain and numbness, as well as weird feelings in your hands and feet.