Don’t Let Kids Skipping Breakfast

Do not underestimate this because breakfast is the most important meal time. Breakfast not only make the body more energy, but also have an impact on the performance of the brain. Therefore, breakfast should be taught to children.

Breakfast is not just to fill a hungry stomach, but can make the child remains eager and energetic in the morning. I wonder if the breakfast can affect your child’s performance in school.

A healthy breakfast provides energy and nutrients children need to learn, play, and exercise. Healthy breakfast habits in children is proven to help children learn to focus and improve performance.

If you do not have breakfast before going to school, children will drown, anxiety, and cranky. Hardi said, often children skip breakfast because of delayed up early and rush to go to school. According to Hardi, parents should discipline the child.

For children who are still growing, healthy breakfast also important to meet their nutritional needs. Based on a survey in 2010, 76.1 percent of Indonesian children have the Nutritional Quality of Food breakfast very poor and 66 percent of Indonesian children with poor nutritional breakfast.

Therefore, breakfast should not only be to make a full stomach, but meet the nutritional needs. Get a healthy breakfast before 09.00.


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