9 Secrets How to Stay Slim Without Dieting

Researchers found the secrets of it – that’s because these people choose quality over quantity, and more eat more home-cooked foods.

A team from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA, studied the behavior of 112 adults who didn’t follow any kind of restrictive diet and who managed to stay slim without any particular effort, and another group of 35 adults who regularly dieted, thought about food often and were highly conscious of what they ate, particularly in terms of calories.

To know some special secrets of how some people stay slim without jumping to fad diets, then start reading.

Deal with your meal slowly


Go for slow eating. Savour every bite. When you eat slowly, your body gets enough time to tell your mind that you’re full. It prevents you from overeating. On the contrary, when you eat quickly, the body’s fullness hormones couldn’t realize that your stomach is full. As such, you go on eating and hence become obese.