Body Odor Uncover Hidden Disease

Body odor making us uncomfortable. For most of the odor is normal, ie, the interaction between perspiration and bacteria on the skin, but also body odor can be a sign of disease.

Body odor which bodes disease is different from an ordinary body odor easily removed after we shower or use deodorant.

There are certain diseases that can cause the body to release the unpleasant aroma. One is trimethylaminuria (TMAU). The disease is quite rare because it only affects 1 out of 200,000 people.

“Metabolic disorders such as TMAU can cause body odor that is different in each person. In the worst case someone will issue a fishy smell or like trash,” said George Preti, an organic chemist researching a lot of body odor.

Other metabolic disorders that can lead to body odor is diabetes and liver disease. In addition to body odor sometimes unpleasant mouth odor. However, these symptoms usually appear when the disease has on the heavy phase.

In the United States there are some organizations that train dogs to detect disease through a person’s body odor.


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