7 Health Benefits and Uses Of Moringa

Moringa stenopetala, commonly called the cabbage-tree is a tree in the Moringa genus of flowering plants, native to Kenya and Ethiopia; it is now distinct in the wild in Ethiopia, though still grown there as a crop on the terraces built to conserve water high up the mountains. It is a multipurpose tree producing edible leaves, seeds used for the purification of water, and traditional medicinal products.

The following are the major benefits of moringa for your health and beauty:

Acne treatment

Extract of moringa leaves is a common ingredient in cosmetics. To use as a purifying face mask, just grind moringa leaves and mix with a little rose water until you have a paste and then, apply it to your face and leave on for about five minutes. When you wash it off again, your skin will feel fresh and rejuvenated. (Make sure your are not allergic to moringa leaves before applying to your face.) It boosts energy, improves stamina and concentration 
Improved energy levels is another one of wonderful health benefits of moringa leaves. The leaves of the moringa tree contain a complete package of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants. Eating the leaves or drinking it as a tea, can boost stamina and improve your concentration.