Natural Ingredients could make white teeth in just 15 Minutes

Do you consider that the white teeth that can make the appearance look more beautiful, handsome, or cool? If that looks yellow interfere with performance? Indeed, one who never cracked and always one package with a sense of fashion is a smile of dazzling white teeth.

If indeed it is very urgent to get the most and never white teeth, now, you should look for an easy way to get those results.

Page Boldsky, Wednesday (04/01/2015), has some easy ways to whiten your teeth. Perfect results in a very short time span can be obtained simply by using natural ingredients and is safe for you.

1. Banana Skin

As is known, a banana has many benefits for the body. However, did you know that banana peel is useful for your teeth? Banana peel can be a quick way to whiten teeth. Rub the skin of the banana to the teeth for 2 minutes and various minerals in it will nourish your beautiful smile.


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