Should Diabetics Avoid Sugar Completely?

It’s true that diabetes is a disease where there’s too much glucose — a type of sugar — in your blood. But just because you have high blood sugar doesn’t mean eating a lot of sugar is what got you there, says Ian Caterson, Boden Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Sydney.

In fact, the notion there’s a direct link between eating sugar and developing diabetes is a myth, Caterson says.

Try these minor changes and correct adjustments.

1. Never be empty-stomach

This will lead to subsequent drop in blood sugar levels which in turn can possibly lead to major complications. It is important to keep eating from time to time. So, if travelling or at work, make sure you carry snacks to be eaten between meals.

2. Take small but frequent meals

Schedule your day such that you eat at regular intervals. Since you are not supposed to go hungry, make it a point to eat small meals frequently. Portion control is important here.


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