10 Tips To Help You Fall Asleep Faster

admin   April 13, 2016   Comments Off on 10 Tips To Help You Fall Asleep Faster
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Taking too long to sleep can take its toll on your mental and physical health. Lying in your bed, tossing and turning, checking the clock and nipping to the toilet; it’s all so frustrating. So let’s take a look at 10 top tips that can help you fall asleep faster.

Stop Checking The Clock

Whether you check your clock or your phone for the time, it’s time to stop. When we can’t sleep, it’s natural for us to check the time to see how late it is already. We then get really frustrated when we find that it’s ALREADY 2am!

This just makes us more frustrated and annoyed, and it increases our levels of stress. So while checking the time seems like a good strategy, it’s actually counter-productive. Once you realise how late it actually is, you become more desperate in your pursuit of sleep. And this can keep you awake longer. Instead, you should just ignore the time and focus on trying to sleep.

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