15 Food Preparation and Health Supplies Before Bad Weather

admin   October 3, 2015   Comments Off on 15 Food Preparation and Health Supplies Before Bad Weather
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When a hurricane, snowstorm, or different major weather occasion is looming, you most likely already know the basics: refill your gas tank, make sure the batteries in your flashlight and moveable radio are fresh, and replenish on nonperishable groceries. But which meals are best, and what provides could you be missing?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends having three days value of water and meals like those that observe readily available, plus several other objects that can hold you healthy and protected in an emergency.


You may lose access to drinking water throughout a pure disaster–it could be compromised by contamination, or might be minimize off utterly. The common individual wants S gallon of water per day, and that may be extra relying in your age, bodily exercise stage, and overall well being. You’ll also want extra in scorching climate. Stock up on a minimum of a 3-day provide per particular person in your house.

Be sure to fill your bathtub, too: If your water is shut off, you need to use the water in your tub to flush your rest room manually by pouring some in the bowl.

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