12 Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

admin   January 7, 2016   Comments Off on 12 Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts
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Check out our pick of 12 reasons why you should incorporate cashew nuts into your diet and test out the magic for yourself.

1. Antioxidants – take care of your heart

What better way to give back love to your ticker than by enjoying a nutritional snack? Few people know that these delicious nuts are rich in antioxidants and have proved to bear significant cardio-protective qualities. Like multiple other tree nuts, cashews contain quite a high amount of alkyl phenols in their composition, but also co-factors for a wide variety of enzymes, such as copper, magnesium or selenium. Studies have demonstrated that cashew nuts have lowered the risk of coronary heart disease and have decreased death rates from cardiovascular causes by 11% thanks to consumption increase. By consuming cashews you can slowly but surely say goodbye to heart conditions!

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