5 Ways How to Care for Sensitive Skin

admin   December 21, 2015   Comments Off on 5 Ways How to Care for Sensitive Skin
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Naturally sensitive skin is characterised as thin, a little dry and flushes easily, whereas reactional sensitive skin is skin that reacts strongly to the weather or ingredients in products. Lastly, occasionally sensitive skin has to do with skin conditions such as rosacea. Here are 5 easy ways to ensure your skin remains free of redness, rashes or inflammation.


With the right products in your regime and the appropriate methods, your skin will be enjoying one too many good days. For one, we’d recommend with establishing a routine with Eau Thermale Avène products. This is from knowing that the French skincare brand is specifically dedicated to treating sensitive skin. Formulated with Avène Thermal Spring Water, which is recognised for its soothing and anti-irritant properties, there is no questioning the efficacy of the range.

We’ve rounded up some key items from Eau Thermale Avène that you should definitely have in your routine in the gallery above.

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