Causes and Symptoms of Low Testosterone (hypogonadism)

Low testosterone, medically known as hypogonadism, is a real medical condition that can occur for a number of reasons. When a man’s testosterone falls below a level of around 300 ng/dL, it’s considered to be low.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of low testosterone are:

Physical Symptoms of Low Testosterone

  • No or poor erection of the penis (erectile dysfunction).
  • Decreased energy.
  • Infertility (lowered sperm count).
  • Breast growth.
  • Increase in body fat.
  • Decreased muscle and bone mass.
  • Loss of body hair, reduced shaving.
  • Changes in sleep habits: insomnia or sleep disturbances.
  • Worsening of congestive heart failure.
  • Worsening of sleep apnea.

Mental and Emotional Symptoms of Low Testosterone

  • Fatigue.
  • Decreased sex drive (libido).
  • Decreased motivations.
  • Mental fogginess.
  • Depression.