12 Foods That Triggers Acne

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Acne is mainly caused by the overproduction of oil; blocked hair follicles that don’t allow the aforementioned oil to leave the pore, which often results in a clogged pore; and the growth of bacteria inside the hair follicles called P. acnes.

However, along with the above factors and genetics, there are certain foods you could be eating that can cause you to break out or can even exacerbate your already annoying issue.

Here are 12 foods that trigger acne.

1. Dairy

A 2005 article in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology examined the diets of 47,355 women and found a strong connection between milk and milk product intake and breakouts. Another study, of 4,273 teenaged boys also found an association between milk and acne flare-ups.

Much of the milk that we drink is produced by pregnant cows and contains high levels of hormones that can send oil glands into overdrive. Progesterone, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) as well as compounds that the human body turns into dehydrotestosterone (DHT) are passed on to the milk, which can aggravate acne. If dairy triggers your breakouts, you simply have to avoid milk.

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