6 Myths About Swine Flu You Need To Know

admin   November 18, 2015   Comments Off on 6 Myths About Swine Flu You Need To Know

When it comes to H1N1, or commonly known as Swine Flu, there are many myths that have recently spread faster than the virus itself. Some of these myths though, unlike Sasquatch, can actually result in serious consequences.

Only People With Weak Immune Systems Die From Swine Flu
While having a weak immune system doesn’t help defend against the virus, people with strong, healthy immune systems have also been victims of fatal Swine Flu attacks.

If You Get Swine Flu You’ll Always Get A Fever
While Swine Flu and the regular seasonal flu do share many of the same symptoms, and fever is one of them, you do not ALWAYS get a fever. In fact only about half of the people with Swine Flu actually experience a fever

Swine Flu Is Just A Mild Form Of The Flu, It Doesn’t Even Kill As Many People As Seasonal Flu
The death toll isn’t as large as seasonal flu, but the Swine flu is fatal. The main problem with this myth is that seasonal flu is more likely to cause death in the elderly, whereas Swine Flu targets the young, who should have a stronger immune system.

Swine Flu: Swine Influenza- Swine Flu- Influenza Virus a H1N1I Can Avoid Swine Flu By Taking Vitamins, Wearing A Mask, Washing My Hands, And Drinking A Lot Of Fluids
This may HELP avoid the swine flu, but it isn’t necessarily the best and most effective way to prevent Swine Flu. Getting vaccinated is the most effective way of defending against Swine Flu. However, don’t just stop doing things like washing your hands regularly as this cuts down on the transmission of Swine Flu.

I Don’t Have To Worry About Swine Flu Now That There’s A Vaccine
Yes, getting vaccinated is the most effective may to prevent Swine Flu, however it does not GUARANTEE that you will not get Swine Flu. Take precautionary measures to avoid transmission.

If Swine Flu Hasn’t Become Deadlier By Now, It Never Will
Nobody knows what the virus will do. It could stay in its present form forever, but it could just as easily change into a deadlier virus. The only thing we can do is try to limit the transmission of Swine Flu, and be prepared if it does change. You shouldn’t just expect the best-case scenario. It’s better to be ready for the worst outcome and have nothing change than expect the best and have the virus transform into something like the Spanish Influenza that killed millions.