Dark Color Lipstick Looks Older Women

admin   April 8, 2015   Comments Off on Dark Color Lipstick Looks Older Women

Makeup look will not be complete without lipstick. It is true that the lipstick or lipstick able to “juggle” the face to make it look more attractive. However, some women often miscast lipstick color causing their face appear less luminous and older than actual age.

Over time, many women are lazy daub or just find out what the latest color trends. They prefer something that is practical and not attract attention. As a result, the dark color lipstick so popular choice.

Actually, dark color lipstick can make your face look older. Because the type of lipstick thus give effect to the lips smaller, less chewy, and not at all boring.

“When you have entered the age of late 30s, I suggest to choose a lipstick color that is more feminine, such as pink, red, or purple with shades of pink,” advises Kimberly Soane, Director of Artistry to label Bobbi Brown makeup.

According Soane, many mature aged women who are not confident add gloss to a perfect final layer. In fact, shiny lip gloss can provide a powerful effect to make the face look younger.

Soane’s recommendation does not mean that you are prohibited from wearing lipstick shades of berry and wine are indeed dark berona. However, be sure not to choose the type of matte because it will make the lips look dry and heavy. Instead, choose a lipstick that hydrates the lips that always looks moist and charming…….