Fish Oil Effectively Help Your Children More Good Night Sleep

One study showed children who consume fish oil supplements have slept longer and more rarely awake at night. According to the researchers, increasing the consumption of omega-3 found in fish oil will make a child sleep more soundly and longer.

Research conducted on 352 children aged between 7-9 years shows children who were given fish oil supplements slept 58 minutes longer than those not given the supplement.

Omega-3 has long been known as a nutrient that can increase the concentration of children in school. The best source of omega-3 fish oil is because the human body can not produce itself.

One of the key omega-3 is DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which helps in communication between nerve cells. Omega-3 and DHA in the brain closely associated with deep sleep, sleep duration, and disturbances in sleep.

Suggested for you and your child to eat fish at least twice a week in order to have a better sleep and better concentration.


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