5 Natural Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags

admin   April 1, 2015   Comments Off on 5 Natural Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags
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Eye fatigue, eye lack of sleep, unhealthy eyes easily cause eye bags. What if it happens to you. face becomes visible tangled and less fresh. Below five Getting Rid of Eye Bags:

Change the Sleep Position

Eye bags that appear on your face can occur because of an error in a sleeping position. You let the blood flow is around the head accumulate around the eye area. Thus inhibiting blood flow in the lower eyelids. So that blood flow in the head smoothly back, try to change sleeping positions. The trick is to make the height of the pillow is higher than usual. Tumpuklah two pillows to sleep. So that the position of your head will be higher than the other body. Blood flow can be smoothly even during sleep. Because chances are if you’ve been feeling a lack of sleep as well as the flow of blood to the head is not smooth. Then create a buildup of blood in the area around the eye socket.

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