Tips for Choosing Color Foundation for Faces

admin   April 1, 2015   Comments Off on Tips for Choosing Color Foundation for Faces

Use a foundation or foundation is the first step in makeup. It could be said that the foundation is the base where the different colors will be applied to a beautiful masterpiece. However, it would be damaged if the color of our faces that have beautiful makeup looks striped with the colors of our necks.

For it has been important for the lovers to be able to choose the color of makeup foundation that matches the color of the skin. Here are tips for choosing a foundation color.

1. If you have white skin Undertone would be better to use a foundation beige color and natural light. Another option is a foundation with rosy color tone or color rather peach to add a touch of color on the face.

2. If you have a skin with yellow Undertone, will be suitable to use a foundation that has Undertone peach or beige.

3. If you have Undertone skin redness, can choose the color of soft beige, because of the color of this kind can dampen reddish color.