Breastfeeding trigger baby to Suffer Baby Blues Syndrome?

admin   April 1, 2015   Comments Off on Breastfeeding trigger baby to Suffer Baby Blues Syndrome?

Certainly we try to give exclusive breastfeeding for the baby in the early days of growth. Well, you know when someone says that breastfeeding will trigger the baby to suffer the baby blues syndrome?

There is no specific evidence that states that the baby blues syndrome caused by breastfeeding. However, it is advisable to avoid drinking water containing more than 50 mg nitrate per liter to maintain the health of newborns.

So, should more carefully again with our drinking water everyday. Make sure the levels of nitrate in it does not exceed the limit.

The more a study has found evidence that pregnant women who consume drinking water containing nitrate excess will tend to give birth to babies with physical disabilities. This is because nitrate ingested by pregnant women will reduce the amount of oxygen needed by the fetus. because of this lack of oxygen, then its development in the womb will be disturbed, which later can cause birth defects.

Now, what kind of solutions that can be done to prevent this?

One of them, should as much as possible to make sure that the water consumed each day does not contain excessive nitrate. Also do not try to eliminate the nitrate content in the water by boiling.

The process of boiling water will not eliminate nitrate, might actually increase the nitrate content in it. Boiling water can only eliminate bacteria in the water, without being able to eliminate the existing nitrate.

If you want more to make sure again, try to contact a doctor.