Wet Wipes can Affect Health Condition of the Skin

admin   March 31, 2015   Comments Off on Wet Wipes can Affect Health Condition of the Skin

Trends in the use of tissue in the present not only occur in adults. In fact, to meet the needs of an increasingly large tissue, some companies to produce specific tissues children. It has become a surrogate tissues and handkerchiefs lap popular earlier. The form is simple and easy to carry everywhere to be one of the factors why many people choose it.

Unlike a handkerchief or cloth should be washed again after use, simply use disposable tissues and removed immediately afterward. Practicality is what makes some people switch to using tissue. Not only dry wipes, wet wipes are now also available as a substitute for hand washing is more practical. In fact, most parents prefer to use wet wipes to wipe the baby’s mouth after eating or genitals after defecation.

Brief tissue function is very easy for all activities, but the use of tissues, especially wet wipes, in fact cause long-term adverse implications for the health of the skin of children. This research has been conducted in the UK in 2014 to prove the use of wet wipes can cause a variety of skin reactions, such as allergic reactions.

The report quoted in leading daily, the Daily Mail, explaining wet wipes contain various preservatives methylisothiazolinone (MI) which can affect the health condition of the skin. Meanwhile, the child’s skin health professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Dr. Mary Wu Chang, adding children’s skin tends to be thin and sensitive. When exposed to hazardous substances will immediately show such as allergic reactions, pembangkakan, blistered to the effects of such small red cracks in the mouth, cheeks, hands up to the buttocks.

Dr. Carla Davis, director of the allergy program at Texas Children’s Hospital, said that if the children have reacted MI, immediately discontinue use wet wipes. Replace it with a clean body parts were dirty with clean water and dry with a dry tissue while. When they showed an allergic reaction, avoid the use of tissue total and switch to a clean cloth. Bring your child to the doctor for further examination.