What You Need Food First Introduced in Infants?

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Breast milk is the only food that contains all the nutrients needed for growth of infants aged 0-6 months. However, after 6 months of age, increasing nutritional needs of infants and could not fully satisfied by the ASI.

After reaching the age of 6 months, in addition to breastfeeding infants should also receive complementary foods (solids). At this age the baby’s digestive system is also ready to receive food other than breast milk. Baby also has a reflex chewing.

About what foods can be introduced first in infants, Dr.I Ayu Cullen, Sp.A or familiarly called dr.Tiwi, actually can be anything, depending on the child’s response.

“Can fruit or carbohydrate sources used first. What is important is introduced first in children. If children do not like do not immediately stop because the children have to adapt to taste new foods,” said pediatrician.

Dr.Tiwi added, the types of foods introduced also should be tailored to the baby’s weight. “If you are underweight, you should choose foods that are high in calories,” he said.

Cultural influences also affect the type of food being introduced. For example, a Japanese family, usually they will introduce first fish on their babies.

What about the risk of allergies? According dr.Tiwi allergy is not something dangerous that parents should not be afraid to try.

“But if there is a history of allergies in a parent, you should not give foods that trigger allergies, such as protein sources such as beans, fish, or eggs,” he explained.

For fruit itself is basically all could be introduced. Choose fruit that is fresh and not overcooked so it tasted sour. Serve fresh fruit in the form of vitamin C that it is not reduced.

Fruit should be given as much as two tablespoons once and twice daily meal. Each type of fruit is given 2-3 days in a row so that children can recognize the taste. After that introduced other fruits.