Threatening illness Office Workers!

admin   March 30, 2015   Comments Off on Threatening illness Office Workers!

Modern lifestyle makes many people forget about health. Now everything is instantaneous. Not to mention that the higher work demands, and the world of work today has become extremely competitive. Well, here are four office workers threatening illness. Let’s look together!

1. Increased Cardiovascular Risk
Sitting for hours in front of a computer can make a person susceptible to various diseases, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and elevated cholesterol. Because there is very little body fat is burned and blood flow also runs a bit slow, it then cause clogged arteries and eventually become a heart attack.

2. Increased Cancer Risk
Lifestyle regarded as one of the causes of cancer, especially in cases of colon cancer and breast cancer. Low body activity and passive lifestyle can make a person susceptible to various types of cancer.

3. Obesity
One of the basic causes of obesity are associated with physical inactivity. The body is rarely used sport that continues to accumulate fat in the body.

4. Depression
Passive lifestyle can make a person so easily depressed and also slows brain function. Muscles from moving to restrict the supply of fresh blood and oxygen to the brain. This could lead to a slowdown in brain function and gradually build depression.

This is a four-threatening illness office workers. Hopefully this information can give you insight into what the dangers of passive lifestyle.