6 Math formula to find true love

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Dr Hannah, along with his team of psychologists have developed some mathematical formula that can help people to find the right husband or wife. Mathematical theories ‘love’ was developed after examining the pattern of the love relationship that is often done by the couple.

“Love, together with other aspects of life, has many patterns. And mathematics is the study of the patterns,” said Dr. Hannah, the Daily Mail (03/29).

Here are six simple mathematical theory that could end the single you by Dr. Hannah:

1. Hang out with people who do not draw
Theory called ‘Discreet Theory Choice’ is mentioned if there were two women, A and B, which runs along said as interesting or unusual for men. However, if there is a third woman who came and less interesting than A, then A was going to say the most attractive by men who saw it.

2. Show ugliness
The man or woman who said the most attractive by many people at the same time proved to be the most difficult to get a pair.

Therefore, Dr. Hannah suggested to show a bit of the ‘bad’ in others. It is admittedly important to make you look different and feel more approachable.

3. Find someone who looks healthy
Those who look healthy, according to Dr. Hannah will be seen as more attractive to potential mates. Their opportunities to reach and successfully approach a potential partner was greater.

4. Find the husband or wife after 37 percent live ‘period’ courtship
Based on a mathematical theory of Dr. Hannah, someone should start a new quest for a life partner after serving 37 percent of courtship.

For example, you have started dating since the age of 15 years and wanted to get married at the age of 35 years, then you should marry a potential partner that you find at the top at the age of 22.4 years (37 percent of 15 years minus 35 years).

5. When married, follow the formula of ‘positive’
This formula was developed by mathematician, James Murray, and psychologist John Gottman. According to the two experts, a successful partner in the menage known like throwing a complaint.

They tend to think positively and easily reveal the problems encountered and immediately solve small problems before they become big.

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