Signs of heart attack are generally ignored

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A heart attack does occur suddenly. However, usually there are early signs before the attack. Unfortunately, the early signs of a heart attack is often overlooked because the symptoms are similar to other diseases.

Cardiologist and blood vessels Beny said to shortness of breath chest pain could be early signs of a heart attack. “For example, up and down stairs baseball usually no problem, but, this time, a new two-floor, chest distress. It was a major sign. In a heart attack, sometimes a sign like that neglected,” Berry said

According to Berry, signs or symptoms are ignored because sometimes goes away by itself.

Meanwhile, a specialist heart and blood vessels Jetty said, often the first sign of a heart attack was calculated as colds. “Feeling good baseball in his chest, unexpectedly colds, heartburn. Because usually hurt a little lost, so it is not considered,” said Jetty.

According Jetty, people who have a high risk factor for heart attacks should have been more vigilant if felt a little pain in the chest.
“We should be suspicious, it is one of the symptoms of heart muscle is starved of oxygen,” said Jetty.

Abandonment of symptoms is a mistake that has cost millions of lives each year. Some people think the pain will disappear by itself. The pain of a heart attack similar to the wind in chest pain. Only, which is continuous and unbearable, like an elephant overwrite your chest.

There are times when the pain does not follow a specific pattern. This is especially true in older people or people with diabetes. This silent heart attack may only be detected when routine EKG, which indicates a change in the pattern of transmission of electric current through the heart.

As for those who have risk factors for heart attack, among others, smokers, the elderly, the obese, diabetics, and those with a family history of heart disease. Men are also more at risk of heart attack than premenopausal women due to hormonal problems.