5 Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth

admin   March 30, 2015   Comments Off on 5 Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth

When was the last time you checked your dental health? If we did not have enough time to check our teeth, it helps us do healthy habits and leave the bad habits. As reported by webmd.com, there are at least 5 bad habits that can damage teeth.

1. Most Snacking

When snacking, saliva will be less than when the big meal. What are the consequences? The result is the leftovers will be stuck in the teeth for a long time, hours later. Especially if you like to eat a sweet snack or contain a lot of sugar. If your hobby is snacking, try to always clean or brush your teeth after snacking.

2. Fruit Juice Drink

Fruit juice is good for health because it contains vitamins and anti-oxidants. Unfortunately, we still often choose to drink juice mixed with sugar. Fruits are already sweet, so if you want to drink fruit juice, you should not add more sugar into it. Or add more water.

3. Open or Closed Bottle Wrap with Teeth

Teeth were created to help us chew food properly. Opening a bottle cap or plastic wrap by using teeth can make our teeth crack or even break.

4. Drinking Soda and Coffee

Can of soda contains 11 teaspoons of sugar. Besides sodas also contain phosphoric and citric acid that can remove tooth enamel. How to diet soda? Diet soda may contain less sugar, but can contain more acid in the form of artificial sweeteners. And for coffee, coffee can leave stains and make your teeth become yellow.

5. Chewing Ice Cubes

Ice cubes is sugar-free, but it does not mean chewing ice cubes do not have adverse effects. Chewing ice can make the tooth is cracked or broken. Not to mention the cold temperature of ice cubes can be made so much easier sensitive teeth. If you are desperate to chew ice cubes, you can replace it with sugar-free gum.