4 Benefit of Banana Peel for Beauty

All women want to look beautiful, attractive, and look stunning. to get this beauty, one of the easiest ways is to utilize natural materials. One of the natural ingredients to help beauty care is a banana peel. In addition to the delicious fruit flesh and beneficial for beauty and health, quoted from page prevention.com, it turns out the banana peel has a myriad of other benefits too. A banana peel, known as a banana skin in British English, is the outer covering of the banana fruit. Bananas are a popular fruit consumed worldwide with a yearly production of over 145 million tonnes in 2011

This is an unexpected benefit of a banana skin for beauty.

1. Moisturize Skin
Water content is pretty much on a banana and some nutrients on a banana skin is said to be good to make your skin moist and fresh. Using a mask of a banana skin on a regular could make our skin more healthy and youthful.

Prepare a banana skin and make sure that the banana skin clean. Diced small size then puree in a blender. If it is smooth, mix with one egg yolk and honey. Mix these three ingredients until blended. Apply as a face mask or mask the skin for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Once done, rinse the mask off with warm water. Do it regularly then you can get the skin moist and youthful and always looks fresh.

2. Curing Acne
One of the most common skin problems are blackheads or pimples. Two of these problems are not only annoying, but also often lowers a person’s self-confidence. Because acne, beautiful face and skin tone can be turned into a less pretty and no longer attractive. To overcome this, use a banana peel.

The trick namely, grab a banana skin clean and rubbed into the affected skin of blackheads or acne problems. Rub gently peel a banana. If you want maximum results, you can puree banana skin and is used as a mask. You can mix the banana peel with yogurt, coconut oil, olive oil or honey.

3. Insect bites heal
If you are bitten by insects or mosquitoes and raised red bumps on the skin, make sure to take advantage of a banana skin. Itching and bumps on the skin will disappear after you take advantage of a banana skin. Some studies suggest banana peel contains nutrients could treat pain caused by insect bites.

4. Whiten Teeth
If you want white teeth naturally and without side effects, try to take advantage of bananas. Rub a banana peel on your teeth at least twice a day and brush as usual. It is believed to help you get white teeth and clean.

So, when you are finished eating bananas, do not rush throw away, take advantage of the banana peel to get the skin beauty and maximum gear.


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