Bacteria in the saliva of the Dog Actually good for Health

Beside cats, dogs become choice most abundant animals reared on. Shape and funny face with soft feathers make them into an adorable pet.

As owners, often in addition to caress and hug, you would often smell them. Many say that kissing the dog is able to transfer harmful bacteria in the saliva of the dog. So you can get sick from them. However, a study reported by find unique facts. Research from the University of Arizona explains that bacteria in the saliva of the dog actually good for digestive health.

“In the human digestive system, there are more than 500 types of bacteria both good and bad,” said Dr. Kim Kelly, researchers from the University of San Diego.

“We ourselves found that some types of bacteria that live in the body of the dog is able to encourage positive growth of microorganisms in the human body and even has the nature of probiotic bacteria. Besides being able to improve the health of the digestive system, these microorganisms are also able to enhance the immune system, including reducing the risk of disease asthma and allergies,” he continued.

In this study, the researchers examined the lives of those who keep dogs for 3 months. They then evaluate intestinal bacteria, physical activity level, and the immune system of the dog keepers. This results in positive changes in their digestive system healthy dog. The researchers also found that mental and emotional health of those who keep dogs more increased than those who do not maintain.


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