7 Habits to stay healthy in the office

admin   March 29, 2015   Comments Off on 7 Habits to stay healthy in the office

The health of office workers into the topic being discussed. Those who work in the office had to sit for hours in front of the computer. It will eventually damage the health if not balanced with exercise and healthy food intake.

Here are seven habits that make office workers stay healthy.

1. Frequent hand washing

Diligent hand washing because it can prevent you from bacteria or viruses that stick in your hand accidentally.

2. Clean workbench

You also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of your desk. Wipe the keyboard and your table with an antiseptic solution to remove bacteria.

3. Drink lots of water

Stay hydrated during work is very important to support the productivity and health of your body. Water helps the body and brain to keep it fresh.

4. Prepare a hand sanitizer at the table

If you do not have time to wash your hands to the toilet, you can use a hand sanitizer instead.

5. Healthy snacks

Make sure that you have included healthy foods in your daily diet in the workplace. Instead tempted to eat foods high in fat and rich in sugar, bring healthy snacks such as fruit or low-fat foods.

6. Rest

You need to take time out of your work and take time to rest. If you can not get out of your workspace, you can calm yourself just to sit and meditate for a few minutes in your room.

7. Limit caffeine

Office workers generally love coffee, because it is believed to make the eyes of literacy. However, try to avoid excessive caffeine consumption in the office because it is not good for health.