Asthma symptoms and How to Cure it

Asthma has signs and symptoms ranging from mild to severe, and vary for each person. You may have symptoms of severe asthma-like breathing regularly, with sometimes having an asthma attack. Among the asthma attack you may feel normal and not have respiratory problems. Or, you may have signs and symptoms such as coughing and breathing heavily all the time or have primary symptoms at night, or just during exercise.

Signs and symptoms of asthma include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Tightening of the chest muscles or pain in the chest
  • Difficulty sleeping because of shortness of breath, cough or nasal breathing
  • Nasal or whistling sound when breathing
  • Cough or nasal breathing worsened when the virus, such as colds and flu

Signs of chronic asthma:

  • Increasing the severity and frequency of signs and symptoms of asthma
  • The fall in the average maximum airflow measured by a peak flow meter, a simple device that is used to check how well your lungs work
  • The increasing need to use a bronchodilator – treatment which opens the airway by relaxing the muscles of the respiratory tract

Work with your doctor to determine when you need additional medication or take other measures to treat worsening asthma symptoms and make your asthma can be controlled again. If you keep your asthma worse, you may need treatment Emergency Unit. Your doctor can help you to recognize the signs and symptoms of an emergency so you will know when to require assistance.

How Traditional Asthma Treatment, asthma symptoms can be treated not only by prescription, but also with traditional herbal medicine, such as kenanga and sunflower.


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