Insects, High-Quality Protein Source

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Insects as food is not a stranger, in some countries in Africa, Asia and some parts in the country often puts insects as food. Besides delicious, insects also contain good nutrition. An estimated 2 billion people worldwide consume insects regularly at meals.

However you should only eat insects that are bred for food. This is to avoid insect pesticide contaminated or contain toxic substances. Now in some countries have also made ​​a snack of protein (protein bars) are made from a mixture of nuts, fruits, and insects.

Know what insects can be a source of protein.

Grasshoppers and crickets
It is the most common type of insects consumed worldwide. Insects are good at this jump is easy to find, easy to grasp, and it tasted delicious. In 3-5 ounces raw grasshoppers contained 14-28 grams of protein. Locusts are also rich in calcium and iron.

Another advantage of grasshoppers is a neutral taste so that it can be made into a variety of snacks. The most popular way to mengasup locusts are fried or baked.

Caterpillars are also frequently consumed. In 100 grams of dried caterpillars that contained 53 grams of protein and 15 percent fat. The content of protein in the caterpillars even higher than the fish and meat.

Beetles contains 36 grams of protein in a small dish. In addition, these animals also contain minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc.