Dress Size Determine Breast Cancer Risk

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For some time past researchers already know obesity increases the risk of breast cancer. The reason, estrogen fat tissue secretes hormones that trigger the formation of tumors.

Recent research has shown up weight around the stomach, not in the upper arm, thigh or buttocks, which is dangerous. Researchers from University College London said this type of belly fat produces more estrogen than fat in other body parts.

Upon further review, their findings could be a warning to young women that little weight gain can increase the risk of cancer. Approximately one in eight women will develop breast cancer and there are 50,500 new cases in the UK every year.

The study, published in the journal BMJ Open is researching a history of 93 thousand women aged 50 and 60’s who had experienced menopause. Each woman is required to complement their lifestyle in detail including the matter of height, weight, smoking, alcohol drinking, current dress size and size at the age of 25.

Researchers tracked them for two years and note how many are suffering from breast cancer. They found that increasing the size of the dress is the most important aspect of lifestyle in determining a woman developing breast cancer or not.

Calculations show an increase of the size of clothes every ten years between the ages of 25 and 65 increased the risk to 33 percent. The increase in two dress sizes in ten years raised the risk to 77 percent.

On average the women beukuran 12 when the age of 25, when they were 50 or 60 rose to between 14 and 16 Only 25 percent stay the same size or become smaller in the age 50-60 late. The researchers say if the woman dropped a dress size in ten years, the risk of breast cancer dropped to 33 percent.

But experts said the research is still not to be trusted because of the size of the dress depends on the memory of the women and dress size remained the same for decades.

Tom Stansfeld of Cancer Research UK said, “This evidence tells us the most important thing that can be done to reduce the risk of cancer, especially after menopause is to keep the weight, being physically active and reducing alcohol consumption.