Junk Food Consumption Reduce Child Intelligence?

admin   September 27, 2014   Comments Off on Junk Food Consumption Reduce Child Intelligence?

It’s no secret if you often eat junk food like burgers or fries can make quick weight soared. But scientific studies also proved that predilection for junk food can make dumb.

Research conducted in Australia on 602 adolescents shows, children who frequently eat western food at the age of 14 years tend to have lower scores on tests of the ability of the brain when they were aged 17 years.

Western diet including tooth blackener often eat potatoes, red and processed meat, as well as soft drinks. If the diet is too often as it affects the mental abilities, visual attention, learning and memory ability, and reaction speed.

According Dr.Anett Nyaradi, researchers, the decline in the ability of the brain is partly due to an imbalance in the amount of omega-6 fatty acids derived from in fried foods and red meat.

The ideal composition is 1: 1 ratio between omega-3 and omega-6. However, in the western diet, the ratio becomes 1:20 or 1:25.

The high consumption of saturated fats from the foods and simple carbohydrates will also damage hipocampus function, part of the brain that functions in learning and memory. This part of the brain will swell in their teens.

“The age of adolescence, including the important in brain development. If diet poor in this period, of no effect in the intelligence,” he said.

In this study 14-year-old adolescents were asked to fill a list of foods that often they asup to look at their diet. Then at the age of 17 years these respondents take the test the ability of the brain.