Things to take care before and while conceiving

If you’re planning to expand your family, it’s important to understand which days of your menstrual cycle offer the best chance of conception. These fertile days are different for every woman, and if you have an irregular cycle, it may be especially challenging to pinpoint your ovulation day.

Just a news of expecting a baby brings cheer and excitement in a couple’s life. However, being prepared for it helps you become healthy and bring in a healthy baby too.

Here are few things that one must take care of before and while conceiving.

1. Use Ovulation calculator to decide the best time for pregnancy.
2. Stop taking contraceptives.
3. Preconception health care is necessary to avoid miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth
4. Keep yourself mentally ready and healthy for delivery.
5. Be aware of your body i.e. how healthy and fit you are.
6. Have medical checkups before getting pregnant.
7. If your weight is on the higher side, lose weight before getting pregnant as being overweight brings complications.
8. Fathers should also avoid smoking and drinking for better sperm quality.
9. Intake of regular folic acid.
10. Regular Exercise.
11. Stay away from Infections.


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