How to Wash a Car by Yourself

Washing your car by yourself can be a relaxing and satisfying respite from the concerns of life and an activity the kids can help you with. You only need soap, a bucket, and some rags.

1. Do not wash in a place that is too hot sun
In a place like this would make a quick soap dry and leave stains soap. Plus, if there is dirt or dust that sticks again, would even make paint scratches when rubbed. Things like this need to anticipate and prevent the paint scratched create aliases appear dash.

2. Do not spray paint with too much pressure
It is worth noting, that aims to make it easier loose dirt, while also saving water.

3. Wipe dry with a chamois
This will keep the car dry quickly and does not leave marks on the car paint. In using Kanebo should notice also that when wiping try to move in one direction, it is useful to prevent blisters in the paint and not the return of dirt.

4. Pick a car shampoo containing little silicon
Many shampoos that contain silicon content will make the paint more quickly fade.


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