Maggot Therapy Substitute Antibiotics

Imagine if you suffered severe injuries and was in a secluded spot incomplete medical personnel. What to do? The doctors in poor countries have found the answer: maggot therapy substitute for antibiotics.

Kenya is one of the poorer countries that do not have advanced medical technology. Because of funding constraints, the doctor uses a method of maggot therapy for wound healing.

For most ordinary people in Kenya, adequate medical care was not affordable. Therefore, alternative medicine technique using maggots is adopted by a number of hospitals.

Dr. Christopher Kibiwot, members of the research team Kenyatta National Hospital, said that the therapy is very effective. Patients usually need to be treated for up to three months can now go home within two or three weeks after undergoing maggot therapy.

How maggot therapy is a substitute for antibiotics can heal wounds? Dr. Kiwibot explained that basically maggots eat necrotic tissue (dead meat). So these maggots compete with bacteria and make the bacteria can not grow. Therefore, patients do not need antibiotics.

After reaping success, the researchers are now collecting flies produce maggots with green bottle. They collect this flies in the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI). Species that used to be green bottle fly maggots because they produce only eat dead skin tissue.

Phoebe Mukiria, entomologist maggot production supervisor, said that the maggots will clean the wound and did not damage the healthy flesh tissue. So the patient did not feel pain during the ‘sterilized’ by maggots.


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