How to Get Rid of Armpit Rash

An armpit rash (or underarm rash) is often unpleasant. There might be pain, burning and itching of the affected skin, which is already tender. The rash can also be embarrassing in certain situations. There are many causes of armpit rash and different treatments for each cause. Armpit rash can be the result of a perfume or deodorant you are wearing, excessive heat, sweat and grime, a soap product you are using, or even the clothes that you wear.

In most cases it might be difficult to determine or diagnose the exact reason causing the armpit rash, but in the absence of any underlying medical condition, the most common cause for a typical armpit rash is usually lifestyle alterations.

Symptoms of armpit rash might include itching, rash, dark underarms, flakiness, pain and increased odor. If you experience armpit rash, learn how to recognize and heal the condition.

You can heal armpit rash with home remedies if you are confident as to its cause, but it should be checked out by a doctor if symptoms persist or worsen over time. Read on to learn how to get rid of armpit rash.

Help Soothe the Rash

If you’ve developed armpit rash, it’s time to help soothe the rash, first and foremost. Follow these steps to help soothe the rash.

Wear loose fitting clothing made of natural materials such as cotton, jute and linen. These materials will help your skin breathe easier, cutting down on the chance of folliculitis.

  • Wash under your arms with mild, fragrance-free soap. Allow the area to dry thoroughly.
  • Apply a hot, moist compress to the area. The moist compress should help promote drainage. Once washcloth has been used, substitute it for another clean compress the next time you apply it.
  • Use an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream or lotion. These are the same products used for fungal infections in other areas of the body such as the feet and groin.
  • Stop Using Products That Irritate Your Skin

Deodorants often contain aluminum, fragrances, alcohol and parabens, all of which can trigger a rash. This is one of the easiest causes of itching or redness to eliminate.

Experiment with hygiene products by trial and error. Try switching to a fragrance-free deodorant first. If this doesn’t heal armpit rash, switch to different, preferably fragrance-free soap.