Causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention Earache

Learn the causes and means of prevention, and treatment in order to recover from the Small and earache.

Ear Pain Causes
According to the site FamilyDoctor, Eustachian canal, connecting the middle ear to the back of the nose, will swell and contain thick mucus, if infected with the bacteria or virus. Other causes are allergies, colds or other infections. Ear infections are more common in children because eustachiusnya channels are shorter and narrower than those of adults.

Types of Ear Pain in Children
There are several types of ear pain that can be experienced by children. Otitis media caused by fluid in the middle ear or behind the eardrum. Usually does not bother children and almost always disappear within a matter of weeks or months. Swimmer’s ear or otitis externa is an infection that occurs in the outer ear and ear canal due to fungus and bacteria that grow in warm and dark conditions.

Symptoms of Ear Infections
The most common sign of an ear infection are ear pain, fever, decreased appetite, insomnia, and difficulty hearing. Children affected by otitis media also give signs like ears feel full, fluid flow from the ear, irritability, and headaches. While affected by otitis externa show specific symptoms such as pain or itching in the outer part of the ear that worsens when chewing. If left untreated, the affected ear can become swollen and tender to the touch. Fluid can turn into pus and cause hearing loss.

Ear Pain Treatment

According to Steven Dowshen doctor, MD of the site Kid’s Health, if you see signs on the Small to encourage physicians to more in-depth examination. If you are given an antibiotic, be sure to follow the rules given so that bacteria do not become resistant. Give anti-pain medication as needed to relieve pain.

Ear Pain Prevention
Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine suggest Steven (PCV) and flu vaccines to reduce the risk of middle ear infections. Avoid cleaning the ears with cotton or sharp objects that can injure the eardrum. Protect your little one from colds as flu patients are not contiguous with and make sure children wash their hands, especially after playing with other children. Also ask your doctor to give you earplugs or ear drops for the little one who often swim.


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