Avoid using device in bed, these are 6 Scary Facts About Using Tablet Before You Sleep

Spending time in front of a tablet could seriously alter your sleep quantity and quality and end up affecting your health in some very dangerous ways. Tablets, and other devices with similar screens, emit a blue light that leads to insomnia, when experienced before sleep.

There are ways to avoid the dangers brought on by bedtime tablet use. One option is to buy blue light-blocking filters or glasses, for those times when you absolutely need to be on your tablet in the evenings. These devices filter out the short wave blue lights produced by your tablet and can prevent melatonin-suppression, helping you to not only fall and stay asleep, but to wake up feeling more rested.

Let’s look at the top 6 ways your bedtime tablet-habit could adverse impact of your health:

Causes Melatonin Suppression

A study carried out by Brigham and Women’s Hospital showed that exposure to light during nighttime suppressed production of the sleep-controlling hormone melatonin. Blue light, like the kind emitted by tablets, eReaders, laptops and smartphones, is the most melatonin-suppressant, leading to disturbed, poor quality sleep.