7 Types Of Food That Zapping Your Energy

Here are seven types of food that are zapping your energy:

1. Cakes, pastries, doughnuts, muffins, chocolates and candy

Foods That Drain Energy

All of these foods are loaded with sugar. You’re probably wondering why sugar is bad for your energy levels – doesn’t it give you energy? The truth is, unlike complex carbs like whole grains, which the body can break down slowly, the body digests simple sugars very quickly, since it looks for the easiest source of energy it can find. This causes your blood sugar levels to spike, but the spike is always followed by a crash, which leaves you tired and drained.

2. Sweet and creamy coffees

Foods That Drain Energy

Coffee is healthy, but only if it’s black or with milk. Coffee that’s loaded with sugar, cream and artificial flavours is not a good idea. Caffeine itself does give you energy, but it messes with your circadian rhythm and affects your sleep, which could leave you tired the next day.


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