10 Benefits Cuisine Without Salt

Salt serves to provide flavor to your dishes. But did you know that salt is able to give a bad effect on health either in small amounts or large quantities? Aware of it, some diet tips also suggest you to reduce salt consumption.

Reporting from boldsky.com, the following is a benefit of reducing salt intake for health.

Balance body fluids
Too many foods containing salt capable of disrupting the balance of fluids in your body. Therefore, limit your intake of salt that your body fluids in balance between acid and alkaline so that the body more healthy.

Keeps the body hydrated
Salt can bind water in the body that make you dehydrated. So if you want to keep your body well hydrated, then reduce salt.

Lose weight

For those of you who want to lose weight, try to reduce salt consumption. Because the salt will only bind fat in the body so that even difficult for you to lose weight.


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