7 Strategies Eating Out Without Damaging Diet

When on a diet, one thing that matters is your commitment to continue to do so. However, we are not always in a state that allows for diet, for example, when invited to eat together or have to attend a party.

According to JJ Virgin, fitness and nutrition experts from the United States, the food at the restaurant often contain more calories than originally envisaged. Even healthy foods also may not match what is expected, for example salad.

May sound healthy salad with vegetable composition, dried fruit, or nuts, but the dressing or sauce that is used can make a surge of calories and fat in these foods. Even the cheese is added to the salad can increase the amount of calories equivalent to the calories in cheese burger or fried in equal portions.

Even so, no need to feel too worried about eating out will ruin your diet. Virgin gives tips that might help you as follows.

1. Do not be too adrift on the menu

The menu at the restaurant is actually just a recommendation, but actually you can ask to replace the materials in order to be healthy. For example, the menu spinach and salmon served with cheese, you can ask to replace the cheese with vegetables.

2. Start with a salad

Eating a salad first before eating other foods will suppress appetite high-calorie foods. However, make sure that you use the dressing is vinegar or olive oil alone.


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