Selection of Light in Application Makeup

Color selection is one of the most important things in applying makeup. And this can be the right color selection and fit when you’re in a fairly light. If you are in a closed room, the type of light from the lamp is also noteworthy. Because there are several types of lamps are specially made to resemble natural light during the day.

One bad light to be able to choose the right makeup color is light tungsten. Is classified as slightly yellowish light, so make pink look orange.

Furthermore, there is a halogen light. This light emitting white light more than the tungsten light. Type of halogen lighting is not as good as natural light during the day for makeup color selection. The color is white so accurate skin tones look more natural and like the outdoors. The use of light is better than other types of light bulb.

There are also types of light from fluorescent lamps. This type of lamp emits a bluish light that is more and more used in the office. Bluish effect of this light makes your skin look gray, and the color of makeup that has a bluish color elements such as violet, some red and pink will look artificial.


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