5 Natural Laxative Foods

The following natural laxative foods that can make you poop are really easy to be a part of your daily menu and you can find them in your local store for sure. Combine them with proper exercises and natural herbal extracts and pills if you want to obtain amazing results. They already have helped many people to reduce the chronic constipation pains to minimum, so take advantage of them and enjoy the fantastic results.

Fruits as Natural Laxatives

It’s proven that all fruits that are rich in fiber are the best natural way to reduce the fats obtained through the consumption of meat and other fatty foods. So, try to eat more apples, avocados, prunes, coconuts, figs, grapes, pears and pineapples. They all have proved their beneficial properties during regular consumption. Well, some of them have quicker action than others, but the effect is the same when some time passes.