8 Fat-rich Foods That Can Help You Slim Down

admin   June 5, 2016   Comments Off on 8 Fat-rich Foods That Can Help You Slim Down

Consuming a wide variety of nutritious foods, including fats, helps create satiety and can help prevent overeating, said neuroscientist Darya Rose, PhD, author of Foodist and the blog Summer Tomato. And that can result in sustainable weight loss.

If you want to control your weight and live your healthiest life, you can get over your fat fears and dig into the fat-rich foods below:


Although nuts are calorically dense – a serving size is a paltry 18 nuts (lolz) and is about 170 calories – studies show that people who eat more nuts have lower BMIs than people who don’t. While this doesn’t exactly prove that nuts make you skinny, scientists believe eating nuts may increase the number of calories you burn at rest and keep you full for so long that you end up eating fewer calories over all. Another theory: The body can’t digest some of the fat calories found in certain nuts like almonds, explains Langer. And when food calories exit the body intact, they’re excluded from the whole calories-in-versus-calories-out equation that’s often blamed for weight losses and gains.