5 Simple Ingredient Hacks to Burn Your Fat

admin   March 25, 2016   Comments Off on 5 Simple Ingredient Hacks to Burn Your Fat

No one “superfood” or magical ingredient will melt away belly fat. To do that, you’ve got to go low-sugar impact, eliminate food intolerances, get great sleep, control stress levels, and do the right exercise. But once you’re doing all that, a few tweaks can control your appetite, reduce inflammation, rev up your metabolism, crush cravings, or otherwise dial up fat loss a few notches. These five science-based hacks are readily available, taste good, easily fit into your diet, and could become the needle movers to give fat loss a favorable nudge.


You may have heard of having hot water with lemon in the morning to support good digestion. I did this when I lived in Japan years ago. Turns out a few tablespoons of lemon juice just before or during a meal may also help lower your blood sugar response from that meal.

One mice study found lemon polyphenols suppressed body weight gain and body fat accumulation. Also try a glass of sparkling water with lemon juice during your meal or squeeze on some lemon onto your salad or your fish.