5 Things should be known of pregnancy with HIV-AIDS

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Pregnancy can occur in any woman’s body. Including those who have been infected with HIV-AIDS.

One thing that is widely known about pregnancy with HIV AIDS virus will not affect pregnancy or the health of a woman’s body that contains it. Here are some facts about the pregnancy of a woman affected by VIV as reported from magforwomen.com.

  • A pregnant woman infected with HIV AIDS can still have sex and will not transmit the virus to the baby or her partner, provided adequate safeguards wearing.
  • There is a 25% chance that the child will likely infected with this virus. If the mother and baby taking anti-retroviral drugs during pregnancy, it is likely to be decreased by 1%.
  • Maintaining good health during pregnancy can reduce the transmission of HIV to the baby during pregnancy. Especially if during pregnancy, the mother get special treatment.
  • Some factors that may increase the virus infection is smoking, vitamin deficiencies, and infectious virus in the blood.
  • HIV AIDS can not be transmitted through the placenta. So that HIV-infected pregnant women must always maintain their health.

HIV AIDS is a disease of junk lately. Therefore, early detection of this disease is very important to do as a precaution.